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New Holland Rustler


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default New Holland Rustler

Post by Travis on Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:36 am

New Holland Rustler Full Cab Enclosure including a Vinyl Windshield, Soft Roof, Door Panels and Rear Window

The New Holland Rustler Full Cab Enclosure with vinyl windshield is manufactured with professional care. The Pacific Eagle Full Cab Enclosure uses the finest professional grade marine fabric made of 100% polyester of stay-true long lasting colors with stabilized fit of less than 1% stretch or shrinkage. Our marine fabric is water repellent, tear resistant, puncture resistant, mildew and UV resistant. The windshield, door windows, and rear window are made of durable Aqua-View Smoked vinyl allowing for an uninhibited view and total clarity. Pacific Eagle UTVs door design includes an additional vinyl window panel for improved side visibility and safety. The doors open and close using YKK zippers manufactured using a state-of-the art injection technique and are attached to the strongest cord and tape made. The YKK zippers offer crosswise strength that's unmatched in the industry. Pacific Eagle UTV also uses marine sewing thread made from selected high tenacity, heat resistant, continuous multifilament polyester yarns. Along with the highest quality materials, all Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures are hand measured and handcrafted to ensure a precise fit. The cab's doors roll away to allow for an open cab environment when needed. The Pacific Eagle UTV Full Cab Enclosure provides shelter from rain, wind, sun, and snow. The full cab enclosure comes complete with self-adhesive Velcro, installation and care instructions. Everything is included in the FCE kit for easy installation.
Available Extras

Zip Open Windshield USD$79.99

Zip Open Door Windows USD$39.99 per set
Zip Open Rear Window USD$39.00

New Holland Rustler HOL120-FCE-3%5B1%5D

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